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I Work Hard at What I Do
What I Do is Help People

I've been a creative, caring person throughout my life.  My boundless childhood imagination and compassion have melded with the adult responsibility of a career, fostering my passion for seeing each new web development challenge as an adventure and an opportunity to be supportive.  I thrive on continuous learning and honing my skill set.  I'm a perfectionist with a sense of humour, allowing me to see the finer details without losing sight of the big picture.  Speaking of the big picture, I have been blessed to be married to the most beautiful and patient woman, and to be a father to our children who mean the world to me.

Being a social person with a solitary side aligns perfectly with the business and craft of web development.  I've been interacting with computers since I switched on my first Apple II+ in the early 80's.  I built my first website in 1995 while enrolled in the Broadcasting Television program at Loyalist College, and founded my first media production company, Monarch Video Productions, in 2000.  While specializing in media production, I always had a strong website client base.  In 2015 I made the official transformation to MVP Web Pro and transitioned fully to web support, website development, and helping clients find their potential audience through personal and business online branding.

I specialize in clean and consistent website designs, back them with forward-thinking maintenance plans, friendly service, and personalized support.

Along with the knowledge and technical skills gained from a formal education in media production, over fifteen years of professional web development experience, and a passion for personalized digital creation, I pride myself on meeting and exceeding client expectations.

I would love the opportunity to bring my professional web service skills and knowledge to your project and help you realize your web strategy goals.

James McIntyre - Owner - Kingston, Ontario, Canada